Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

Writing Competition

Hi guys, just wanna share and write something in English.

Okay, i just wanna tell you that i love write something and i try to study about writing. As we all know, my ability in writing is not good enough. I have little amount of vocab, little sense of humor and little experience in writing.
However, i just love writing.. and fortunately no one can say 'NO', because this is my life and me... free to chose what i want to love. :)

But, life is not only about love. I can't be a writer if i just love write something. But, it just can happen when i write something. yeah.. the real something that can read by everyone and can give some benefit or... yeah just can make them happy to read my writing.

That what i did last one year, write short story or just write something in my blog and my FB. And, i have the reader!! yeay! :)
You know, i'm really happy when someone read and give comment for my writing, it likes you won some lottre! that makes you won't stop write anything.

But, study is not enough. There must be some evaluation to evaluate my writing.. comments? I think it's not enough because it not tell you how far you go.. and how better you write. So, for evaluate my writing, i joined some writing competition on FB.

Before joined the competition, i'm not confident with my writing. It's not because my writing is bad. But... i think there so many people out side writes better than me. uh... yeah, at least i just did that. In my opinion, i just happen. I suddenly sent my writing and waited for the result. Oh sounds like i'm a good participants.

and... for the result. As i told you on previous posting, i fail! but its okay.

A competition always done by 'win' or 'learn something', and for those moment.. i just learn so many thing :)

Yeah, my writing is not good enough for being the winner but... i think my writing is good enough for being the TOP 50, and it makes me proud of my self and gives me more spirits in write something.

so, lets write something!! :) and... enjoy the other writing competition :D

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