Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

The Place to Keep

This is the 16th day of my holiday. Some of my friends made a call or just sent me a message that told about their bored holiday.. ah its a kinda like i feel right now.

As you know, this holiday (almost of my holiday) i just spending my time to keep the shop. Sounds great?? no, it does not!

Keeps the shop is not fun enough for me, i feel so bored! Can you imagine that you in a place with many goods but no costumer? haha! As i told you before, its holiday... so the number of costumers is very small and its make me feel so bored. Hm, to kill my time i take some picture of my shop and share it with all of you.

check this out :)

Now you can see the place that i should take care :)
and if you see a sewing machine, its mom's ^_^

Oh ya, I just wanna say to nisa "See, this is my shop... and it's not a coffee shop :p"

*try to write something in English, and as you see... my English is very poor. so, i think i need more study and more practice :)

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