Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

writing is the way to tell something

Sometime, when the idea comes, i just ignore it because i think that this is not a good time.
but, sometime... when i have a good time to write something, i have no idea!

ah.. this is the classic problem of me. i have no idea when i have a good time., this time for example. but, i really want to write something. so, i just go to this blog and try to type even i still have no idea about my writing.

oh, i see.. how about shares about my opinion in writing.
this is an idea, right? :)

i found a good sentence about writing, "writing is an expression, a comment is an appreciation, and a critic is an evaluation." (i'm sorry for no information about the author of this sentence)

this statement said that writing is an expression, an expression about anything that the author wants. it can be about what the author feeling, the author thoughts, the author ideas... yeah, so many expression of the author. and i... really agree with this statement. but of course, i have my own opinion of writing.

in my opinion, writing is the way to tell something. its not only about your expression, but its about the messages. expression only one example, we write something to express something.. it seems to me that we want to tell someone about something that we feel, something that we thought,.. yah its just about us, our expression.

but writing is not only about us, if we just write the diary... its okay. but, if we wants to share our writing... better for us to tell something by our writing. because this is the writing for, to tell something. it can be tells about our ideas, our thought, our feeling... but, there should be an messages that what we would like to tell.

so, i hope... i can use my writing to tell something, even its only about a simple idea or a little messages. i just wanna make a good writing, not only the diary... or, just a bundle of words that means nothing for the readers. and.. this is one of my studies, try to tell something.

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